The Luna Rain Art Project

Welcome to The Luna Rain Art Project, where art is synergized into a creation of connection. The Luna Rain Art Project seeks to expand human connection and by bringing several different pieces of artwork together the project exemplifies the beauty of the union in uniqueness.

The unique artistic concept revolves around oness and the many facets of one. Each piece in the Luna Rain Art Project collection is carefully crafted to capture the essence of togetherness, celebrating difference.

How'd it get Started?

It started as an idea spawned between 2 people on a mission to drink all the wine in the chicago area...haha..just kidding. It did start really small though, sitting with a friend discussing why we felt artists only became very famous after they died. And that brainstorm birthed the world of Luna Rain Art.

Where's it Headed?

The Project is developing it's own rythm and I just keep up, haha! I have the youtube series POISON and the 1st part of that book is scheduled to go for sale on Dec. 11th.

The Artwork is in constant production and I keep everything in my brain so when the need to create comes I just go with it. It could be that I'm writing that day, painting, working on the apparel and acceesories line..

The ending of the memoir series spins into a fantasy world, that is rich in mind expanding creative philosophies that interweave into this fantasy world of possibilty. It will take a minute for the story to unfold but all I can say is that it must unfold this way. specifically, I cant explain it.

So what's in store for Luna Rain Art Project followers in 2024?

The YouTube Series The Lineville Horror will begin in February, It is in production now. It is a frightening fantasy world full of surprises.

POISON Series 3 Set 1 goes on sale December 11, 2023 so I will be promoting the book and writing part 2 in between advertising.

I'll be manuervering the design world as doors continue to open for the project. The project will actively seek competitions to enter and continue to bring more people to the unique of Luna Rain Art.

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